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You need relevant information in your business project. We find for you the smartest Master - a person who will share requested knowledge with you. Now!

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We are building MasterMatch that connects together clever people who share their paid knowledge on 1:1 meetings about entrepreneurship, leadership, management and digital services. Fast. Directly. Skip Facebook and Google! Don’t miss this opportunity to support the project and to become a designer for our app, a tester, or privileged VIP user!
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How it works?

Are you an inspiring entrepreneur, business owner, business service provider, or just a curious and ambitious person?

Did you get stuck with your business project because you are missing relevant information and you need to get it fast?

Send your request for knowledge, get a Master who shares with you the knowledge and information you need, and move forward with your goals!

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Request for knowledge we solved:

  • Check

    I am looking for a person experienced in fundraising for startups and worked in investment banking or is an angel and would like to discuss with me a pitch deck. I am developing a startup in renewable energy sources and discussing currently cooperation with big industry players.

    Solved by Anna

    Solved by Anna
  • Check

    I am the CEO of an electric car company in my home country and would like to expand my sales distribution channel to another country. I am looking for a partner with who I can build a strategy for entering this market.

    Solved by Martin

    Solved by Martin
  • Check

    I sell my products - wood furniture through my offline stores. I would like to start selling online - I want to set up an online shop and I need guidance on how to do it, together with analytics inside so that I can what are the pain points of my website, why clients don’t finalize the purchase.

    Solved by Patricia

    Solved by Patricia
  • Check

    I have created a mobile app for cooking. I am looking for advice on how to quickly target it into local and foreign markets and how to reach a large audience through digital marketing.

    Solved by Mark

    Solved by Mark

All you have to do is ask

Because the longer you don’t know something, the worse off you are and the less money you make. And your competitors are just getting this information.

Stories from our users

  • I joined Mastership Program as an English literature teacher while I was living and working in Canada. My introduction video matched me with business owners who needed website professional translation in many different industries. I got clients to teach them business English remotely and now I moved to Poland with plenty of work already waiting for me!

    Patrick Warezak Business English Translator

    Patrick Warezak

    Business English Translator
  • To progress further with one of my project to my top client I was looking for Figma design consultation for my employee. MasterMatch helped me to find a Master who shared his knowledge on specific problem, so that my team was able to finish important project on time.

    Jacek Chudynski CEO at Hermer

    Jacek Chudynski

    CEO at Hermer
  • I joined Mastership Program and just after my first video interview at MasterMatch I receieved first leads for my business. It was totally for free and connected me with potential client from the first day. I definitely believe that MasterMatch is a right channel for business where advanced knowledge is a key to succeed.

    Robert J. CEO at Domwestor

    Robert J.

    CEO at Domwestor
  • As a startup mentor, I joined Mastership Program to advise young enterpreneurs in their early-stage business journey. However, I decided to run my own start up and MasterMatched helped me to find CTO for my application! Totally for free, fast and easy! I would definitely recommend this platfrom for searching for your potential business partner who matches your interests!

    Paulina Bialek Former Director of Expara VC

    Paulina Bialek

    Former Director of Expara VC

MasterMatch helps you to monetize knowledge you already have!

  • Question mark Do you earn in proportion to what you know and can do?
  • Question mark Do you exchange experiences with people at the same level as you?
  • Question mark Do you have clients who values your knowledge?
  • Question mark Are you already recognised on a global scale?

Join MasterMatch if you want to:

  • Check sell to foreign clients from the first day
  • Check earn a globally recognisable brand
  • Check work from anywhere and only when you feel like it
  • Check join a prestigious community of successful people from all over the world without leaving your home
  • Check to share your experience with others and help them grow
Master knowledge areas

Meet our Masters

More than 50 Masters from across the globe have joined us - they are CEOs and managers of companies, inspiring entrepreneurs and top business specialists from Poland, Great Britain, Belgium, Switzerland, Singapore, Luxembourg, India and others!
  • Paulina

    Former Director at Expara VC

    View Profile on YouTube

  • Valeria

    Founder of RealVTV Global Production

    View Profile on YouTube

  • Monika

    Head of Operations

    View Profile on YouTube

  • Karolina

    Job & Career Advisor

    View Profile on YouTube

  • Justyna

    Podcast Marketing Expert
    Job Coach

    View Profile on YouTube

  • Jakub

    Film production

    View Profile on YouTube

  • Agnieszka

    International Team Management Expert

    View Profile on YouTube

  • Robert

    Real Estate Investor

    View Profile on YouTube

  • Patrick

    Professor at Ottawa University
    Business English Translator

    View Profile on YouTube

  • Susie

    Project Manager

    View Profile on YouTube

  • Cezary,PMP®

    Director, Project Manager

    View Profile on YouTube

  • Kira

    Chairman of Ruch Latajacych Plecaczkow

    View Profile on YouTube

  • Edyta

    Founder and Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at AnyRobot - Robotic Process Automation

    View Profile on Linkedin

  • Patyk


    View Profile on Linkedin

  • Max

    IT Consultant

    View Profile on Linkedin

  • Lukas

    Founder w BelleArt Sp. z o.o.

    View Profile on Linkedin

  • Malgorzata

    Chairman of Boskie Skrzydla Association

    View Profile on Linkedin

  • Marek

    BPI Manager

    View Profile on Linkedin

  • Kamil

    Fintech Specialist

    View Profile on Linkedin

  • Juan

    Oversight Controller

    View Profile on Linkedin

  • Deepak

    Associate at MUFG Investor Services

    View Profile on Linkedin

  • Bartlomiej

    Founder of IRLaser

    View Profile on Linkedin

  • Archit

    Strategy & Operations at Delhivery

    View Profile on Linkedin

  • Agnieszka

    Life protection advisor w Unum Życie TUiR S.A.

    View Profile on Linkedin

  • Piotr

    Co-Founder & CEO of Covid Genomics

    View Profile on Linkedin

  • Marcin, CFA

    CEO and Founde of

    View Profile on Linkedin

  • Joanna

    Fouder and CEO of Zaqkacz

    View Profile on Linkedin

  • Jacek

    CEO and Founder of Hermer

    View Profile on Linkedin

  • Gniewomir

    Project Manager

    View Profile on Linkedin

  • Vittorio

    IT Strategy Senior Associate

    View Profile on Linkedin

  • Monika

    LL.M. Candidate at University of Bonn

    View Profile on Linkedin

  • Jacek

    Mentor, Trainer

    View Profile on Linkedin

  • Tomasz

    Retail Project Manager at European neobank

    View Profile on YouTube

  • Paulo

    CEO and Founder of Netwired

    View Profile on YouTube

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who should send a request for knowledge?

    • A person working on their own business who needs immediate and valuable specialist advice (in the areas of management, strategy, finance, HR, and IT) willing to pay for it in exchange for the time saved.
    • A person with an idea for a business project needing valuable paid advice from an experienced industry person to avoid making wrong decisions that would waste months of work and money.
    • A person wanting to move their business online wanting to hear in a paid consultation what exactly should be done in order to achieve better results virtually.
    • A person in a managerial or managerial position wanting to exchange ways of dealing with challenges in the area of management and strategy, finance, and HR.
    • Anyone who is a Master → who can become a Master?

    How to ask a question effectively?

    In your inquiry, try to answer the following three points which will help the dedicated Master to understand the problem and provide you with accurate information. Be as detailed and precise as you can.

    • What is your problem and what do you want to achieve? E.g. I want to know which marketing channels I should use to advertise products to increase sales to my target group.
    • What industry do you operate in, what are your product and customer? E.g. women’s casual clothing products – dresses, skirts, overalls, t-shirt for 25-35 years old women from the city.
    • What have you done so far to solve this problem and why has it not worked? E.g. I have tried to partner with influencers on Instagram, but despite proposing various terms of collaboration and a preliminary agreement, I have not been able to get any signatures on the final contract for marketing services.

    How do I know that the person chosen will be able to help me?

    Masters are carefully selected successful individuals who have been admitted to the top Master community based on their experience, achievements and previous consultations. Before a Master can meet with you, they must go through a quality verification process, which we do for you to make sure you get the highest quality service on the market.

    How much does such a consultation cost?

    The conversation takes place using the free google meet tool. Before such a conversation takes place, the invitation will include a possible amount for which the person will share with you effective ways to solve your problem. After receiving the inquiry, we will carefully select the best Master for you, who then based on details in the question, will decide whether to help you or to recommend a different supervisor. Rates may vary depending on the Master’s preference and start from 0 PLN. If you do not accept any of Masters’ offers within 24 hours of your inquiry submission, it will expire irrevocably at no cost to you.

  • What is MasterMatch?

    Business owners very often experience something like "loneliness", because they do not have people in their environment with whom they could discuss matter-of-factly various issues related to management, strategy, team management, or moving their business into the developing online world. In such a situation, they join the MasterMatch platform, which is a closed community of Masters - trusted people who can be consulted and learned from, due to their qualifications and experience. The MasterMatch Group is a self-regulating community - the value of each Master is measured by the quality of each individual consultation. This is important because thanks to this the group consists only of reliable and competent people who are sincerely committed to helping others. Platform MasterMatch is not a people search engine like Linkedin, nor is it a job ordering service like Fiverr. It is a program that matches a person who needs your knowledge here and now. You can arrange it for a given date, collect the expected payment and issue an invoice. Everything is in one place

    Why join as a Master?

    Join if you want to:

    • earn money on your expertise from finance, management, business strategy, online marketing, HR
    • share your experience with others and help them grow
    • sell to foreign clients from the first day
    • build a globally recognizable brand
    • work from anywhere and only when you feel like it
    • join a prestigious community of top people around the world

    Who can join as Master?

    • Knowledgeable individuals who want to monetize their expertise by providing paid advice in business areas such as finance, management, strategy, HR, online marketing, and IT consulting
    • Managers and business owners who are motivated to dedicate their time and business experience to help others grow
    • Entrepreneurs who appreciate learning from smarter people directly and fast
    • People who value quick and unique information to take competitive advantage

    Qualities of a Master

    Master is a person who:

    • can express, listen to the client's problems, and specify his or her business needs
    • is responsible, verbal, and competent
    • strives for maximum monetization of their knowledge
    • is not afraid of challenges and provides professional consultations in the field of his expertise
    • is a person with an English proficient adequate for professional consultations
    • is ready to share their experience and knowledge, with good energy and a smile who is focused on helping others

    How is a Master verified?

    Once you are registered on the MasterMatch platform you have the status „unverified”. You need to wait till there is a Master already in the community who needs your knowledge and asks you for a consultation. You need to give three consultations. After each consultation, you will be evaluated on a scale of 1 to 5 on 5 dimensions, to assess if:

    1. You were knowledgeable on a given topic
    2. You gave knowledge dedicated to his/her specific problem
    3. You provided the required level of details
    4. You had understandable language skills
    5. You demonstrated professional behavior

    After three consultations, the system checks if you earned more than the average 4 scores. If yes you will be accepted by the Master community and you can start giving paid consultation to everyone around the world. If you don’t earn an average 4 score, you can still have a chance to join by giving more quality consultations until you finally reach the golden 4 scores.
    MasterMatch guards the quality of members, so once you start providing paid consultations, you need to keep your quality high and average score 4; otherwise, your membership at the MasterMatch platform will be discontinued. If you want to reactivate your Masterprofile again, you will be asked to go under the same verification process in the same way as when you first joined MasterMatch as a Master.

    How much time do I need to spend on giving consultations?

    We know that people who are Master’s are busy people, so the amount of time you dedicate to consultations depends on you! It could be your full-time job, extra work, you can work at night or only during a weekend! There is also no minimum amount of hours we require you to work.

    What if a request for knowledge is not in line with my expertise?

    The platform uses AI to match someone’s request for knowledge with a Master’s knowledge and expertise. That’s why you must keep your Master profile updated and filled out with keywords that describe your expertise.
    Before someone is officially connected to you, we give you the privilege to review an anonymous question that you can always reject or accept. If it is rejected then a request for knowledge is directed to the second most suitable Master. he user doesn’t see that you rejected that request.

    What if I am potentially interested in giving consultations but I need more details?

    If you receive notification that you are matched with someone’s request for knowledge, then please accept it. Once it is accepted, you and that person are officially connected and visible to each other. Then you are allowed to send each other a text message to agree on a scope of specific knowledge and expected level of details. Once you both agree on delivery, you can both set up a consultation time!

    What if I need to reschedule a consultation?

    No problem, you can reschedule it anytime that again suits both people, without any costs. But please remember that your client may not want to reschedule it, and you have a risk of losing the client and potential earnings.

    How much can I earn?

    You can earn how much as you can - there is no minimum or maximum time you can spend on the platform. Also, there is no minimum or maximum pay rate you can offer for your knowledge. To estimate your earnings, you can use the calculator of earnings

    You can share your knowledge with however many people around the world that you prefer. Remember that the platform matches you with people who need your expertise based on your profile, so the more complete, accurate, and updated your profile is, the more and better-targeted people you will receive.

    What are the costs?

    You do not pay:

    • for sending a knowledge request and matching you with another Master.

    You pay:

    • 49 EUR per month (or 39 monthly in paid in advance for a year) if you successfully complete the process of verification and want to be a Master who gets an unlimited number of paid requests for knowledge around the world and raise your earning without a limit
    • 0,25 EUR for each hour of consultations due to software that allows you to connect with the client
    • any transactions costs if you receive money from a foreign country*

  • Are you an organization that already has a community of people?

    Don't worry we also designed a B2B solution. With our administration panel, you can easily manage your community and have:

    • a quick overview of your community connections
    • a quick overview of each member current profiles
    • a fast match who is best for your event, lecture or training
    • a quick communication with all or selected people in your community, together with sending files
    • flexibility of grouping your community members into different kinds of groups
    • a place to create events and webinars for the community
    • Write us an email at to sign up for a pre-order waiting list and discuss the pricing model. We have two business models we operate with. Depending on your organization's needs it should be licensing our software or joining our network of business partners.

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