Have you wasted money and time searching for people interested in your business knowledge?

Have you been frustrated trying to find reliable partners to grow your business?

Are you having troubles with your business
strategy, online marketing, or financing ?

If you answered "YES", then we have a MATCH. MasterMatch is the only place where the top minds in business come together to answer all of your questions on a one-to-one basis on the spot.

Ask a question and immediately receive a personally-tailored solution. Too good to be true?

300 000 EUR - this is how much people earned on cooperations made on the platform! It allows you to effectively recruit partners in business.
For example, each person has a network of 100 contacts, and there are over 5,000 people in the system. You need to find 1 person with the appropriate competencies.
5,000 people will contact 100 others and you reach 500,000 contacts, heading to make relevant business connection in a matter of moments.

Just think about this! You reach to 500 000 people with your business need
out of whom you get ONLY interested partners!

You know you don't need to contact anyone. You need a person with specific competences and this is what MasterMatch.online should discover for you.
Do you need more evidence?

Check people who turned connections into business

Join the community only if you want to:

  • meet partners interested in your business,
  • have a simple and proven system that changes business meetings into cooperation,
  • build an authentic brand in business thanks to the recommendations you receive after each meeting,
  • be sure that the person before the meeting received a full set of information about you,
  • share your knowledge and experience in the business community,
  • check the events in the area where the business meets.

It's not all! You will get access to additional tools such as:

  • Master's Academy - if you offer initiatives for entrepreneurs that will help them develop their business, publish them in the "Events" tab so that everyone sees them immediately and can join them!
  • show yourself as an expert - perform as a trainer, mentor or speaker at conferences, the organizers of which will discover you through MasterMatch.online
  • show your company and product - publish an ad that is immediately visible on the platform and only clicked on by entrepreneurs who are interested in your product

How to start?

That's easy. Click "Join" to set up your profile and describe how you can help others in business! Then send your question describing the business need to find MATCH - matching partners interested in your business challenge! MATCH has 48 hours to accept your request, otherwise they will lose the opportunity to do business with you! And as you know perfectly well, there is a lot to talk about!

How it works?

Download the application on your phone

What you can talk about in the club:

Conversation topics:

Technology service








Check expertise of Masters who joined the club:

Check other Masters on social media:

Now you know that other services promise you unreal benefits,but they only give you a list of information with which you have to search the Internet anyway. The truth is, it doesn't give you the benefit you want to pay for! You want to be immediately in touch with people who are motivated to earn money and open to working with you.

How much timewill you save when you stop meeting people who are not interested in your business and start to reap the benefits of talking to those REALLY interested? How much higher will the quality and value of such conversations be? How much can you earn using such a solution?

You are at the right place - you join 1:1 online wideo on MasterMatch meetings ONLY with people who are REALLY interested in your business question!
And it's all simple, effective and proven! Are you ready to discover partners? Join and start earning even more!


  • Talk with unlimited numer of business people
  • Get answers on your questions about business
  • Build credibility by collecting points on helping others
  • Check upcoming events for business in your city
  • Share invitations with your friends so that they can join the club!
Join for free
2400 /year
  • All options from FREEMIUM, and
  • Create and promote your own event to get clients
  • Find speakers, trainers and mentors for your events and programs
  • Join to the club as a Master
  • Receive questions from Business Masters matched to your services
Join for free
  • Place your ad on the app to reach wide target audience
  • Submit your offering with special conditions
  • Contact us on info@mastermatch.online or schedule a meeting to discuss details

Frequently Asked

Once you are registered on the MasterMatch platform you will have an “unverified” status. You need to wait for a Master already in the community who needs your knowledge and asks you for a consultation. You need to give three consultations. After each consultation, you will be evaluated on a scale of 1 to 5 on 5 dimensions, to assess if:

1. You were knowledgeable on a given topic
2. You gave knowledge dedicated to his/her specific problem
3. You provided the required level of details
4. You had understandable language skills
5. You demonstrated professional behavior

After three consultations, the system checks if you earned more than an average score of 4. If so, you will be accepted by the Master community and you can start giving paid consultation to everyone around the world. If you don’t earn an average score of 4, you still have the chance to join by giving more quality consultations until you finally reach the golden 4-point average.

MasterMatch guards the quality of members, so once you start providing paid consultations, you need to keep your quality high and average 4-point score; otherwise, your membership at the MasterMatch platform will be discontinued. If you want to reactivate your Master profile again, you will be asked to go under the same verification process in the same way as when you first joined MasterMatch as a Master.

We know that people who are Master’s are busy people, so the amount of time you dedicate to consultations depends on you! It could be your full-time job, extra work, you can work at night or only during a weekend! There is also no minimum amount of hours we require you to work.

The platform uses AI to match someone’s request for knowledge with a Master’s knowledge and expertise. That’s why you must keep your Master profile updated and filled out with keywords that describe your expertise.

Before someone is officially connected to you, we give you the privilege to anonymously review the question that you can reject or accept. If it is rejected then a request for knowledge is directed to the second most suitable Master. The user submitting the request doesn’t see that you rejected it.

If you receive a notification that you are matched with someone’s request for knowledge, then please accept it. Once it is accepted, you and that person are officially connected and visible to each other. Then you are allowed to send each other a text message to agree on a scope of specific knowledge and expected level of details. Once you both agree on delivery, you can set up a consultation!

No problem, you can reschedule it anytim that again suits both parties, without any costs. But please remember that your client may not want to reschedule and you run the risk of losing the client and potential earnings.

Masters are carefully selected successful individuals who have been admitted to the top Master community based on their experience, achievements, and previous consultations. Before a Master can meet with you, they must go through a quality verification process, which we do for you to make sure you get the highest quality service on the market.

The conversation takes place using tools agreed between you and the Master. Before such a conversation takes place, the invitation will include a possible amount for which the person will share with you effective ways to solve your problem. After receiving the inquiry, we will carefully select the best Master for you, who then based on details in the question, will decide whether to help you or to recommend a different supervisor. During the talk, you and Master decide if you want to continue professional cooperation and whether it is paid or not.

You do not pay to send a request for knowledge and matching with another Master. You pay only if, after consultation, you agree with the Master to continue cooperation outside the system according to mutually agreed terms. We only connect and do not charge for it.

Pssst, that’s not all!

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